Confession #2

I didnt do my homework.
Actually, I didnt do like alot of my homework. I am starting not to care about my grades, and frankly (No offense to you people who feel the need to have straight "a's" all the time) I dont freaking care. As long as I am learning something and paying attention and getting the concept, nothing else really matters, right? so what is the point of homework? I will tell you what the point is:
  • To make us spend time on something other than drama
  • Because the teacher obviously does not have a life and laughs insanely at our downfall. If the teacher did have a life, they would stop assigning us homework so that they could pursue whatever they do outside of school so that they wouldnt have to grade our homework. (And, although it may come to a shock, teachers do not live at school.)
  • To make sure that we have so much homework that we won't have time to do drugs.
  • To make us financial failures. We have so much homework, that we can not afford to risk our grades by getting a job. If i could have a job part time, then i would be able to earn money and save for my future and practice budget planning skills.

So those are just a few, but feel free to comment and add more.

Notice: If you were offended by anything that I said, I am sorry. But it is a free country.