Boys are dumb.

I had always told myself this, but as of recent, I have realized it to be absolutely true. This boyfriend of mine (or shall I say ex-boyfriend) did not treat me well. At all! He would talk about how beautiful other girls were while we were hanging out, and he would ignore me and avoid me (literally). I wasn't really sure if this was how relationships go, this being my first one and all. So I told this guy, Nate, about all of the stuff that He did, and Nate told me to talk to him about it, and so I did. It took awhile, just because he was still avoiding me and stuff, but I finally got together with him, and we talked, and He explained some stuff, but I didn't quite believe him. So I thought about it a lot, and after much deliberation, decided that the best move, for the both of us, would be to end whatever we had, because it sure wasn't a real relationship. So I asked if I could see him after I got off of work(planning to break up with him), but he was at the hospital because his friend got hit by a car, so I thought that maybe tonight isnt the best night for this. So I was going to get some council from an experienced friend and I texted, "Collins friend just got hit by a car. Should I still break up with him?" but I accidentally sent it to him and that's how he found out. I called him and explained myself and he was perfectly fine with it. He actually acted like it was a relief that I broke it off, which led me to question if he ever did like me. So I woke up the next morning and a post that he had put on facebook made me a little sorry for breaking up with him. It went a little like this: "Two songs haven't hit me harder than these two songs: "Remember When(Push Rewind)" by Chris Wallace and "I Should've Kissed You" by One Direction. For some reason these have just kicked me in the stomach and feelings have flooded back to me about someone. ....miss you....I thought, well he never kissed me, so this could be directed toward me. So I text him about it. Come to find out, it is not about me, but it is about a girl that he broke up with 2 years ago, and he admitted to me that he is in love with her. Yeah. That makes me feel really grand. So he was in love with this girl the whole time that we were dating. That explains some stuff though. I don't regret the experience. He taught me a lot about myself, and about relationships. I just wish he would have been more honest with me.

Confession: I really miss him.