Confession #2

I didnt do my homework.
Actually, I didnt do like alot of my homework. I am starting not to care about my grades, and frankly (No offense to you people who feel the need to have straight "a's" all the time) I dont freaking care. As long as I am learning something and paying attention and getting the concept, nothing else really matters, right? so what is the point of homework? I will tell you what the point is:
  • To make us spend time on something other than drama
  • Because the teacher obviously does not have a life and laughs insanely at our downfall. If the teacher did have a life, they would stop assigning us homework so that they could pursue whatever they do outside of school so that they wouldnt have to grade our homework. (And, although it may come to a shock, teachers do not live at school.)
  • To make sure that we have so much homework that we won't have time to do drugs.
  • To make us financial failures. We have so much homework, that we can not afford to risk our grades by getting a job. If i could have a job part time, then i would be able to earn money and save for my future and practice budget planning skills.

So those are just a few, but feel free to comment and add more.

Notice: If you were offended by anything that I said, I am sorry. But it is a free country.

Confession #1

Sometimes I fear that I think about boys all too often.
Sometimes I do think of boys way too often.
Sometimes, I think that boys should die in a hole.
If you were offended by that last statement, then you must not be a girl.
Boys tend to cause alot of problems. They are cute, they are nice, they take rejection easily. Now how could these characteristics cause any problems? Women are told that we have so much power, and we are mens weakness, but they are ours.
Their cuteness causes us to swoon over them, and sometimes become obsessed.
Their niceness causes us to think that they will never hurt us. FALSE!!!
Their ability to be rejected makes us think that we didnt mean that much to them if they were able to get over us so quickly.
All in all, they cause us pain. Lots of pain.


"I do not think they asked why they were dieing, but why they had lived. When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies. Maybe to be practical is madness. To seek treasure where there is only trash. Perhaps to be practical may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it ought to be!" What wise words spoken by such a wise poet. It has often been said that one mans trash is another mans treasure. Why is this? Because one man who thinks one thing is worthless doesnt see the true value of it. When you have been without something, you realize the true value of it. When you obtain everything, you tend to value everything less. Maybe to be rich isnt such a good thing. It raises your expectations for everything. You lose the simple pleasures and joys in life like:
  • Opening the fridge and finding food.
  • A toothless smile.
  • The smell of pine
  • Setting up the Christmas tree.
  • An act of kindness.
  • Holding hands.
  • Natural beauty
  • Colors
  • Warm blankets
  • Free hugs
  • Snow
  • Falling leaves
  • Wind through your hair
  • Hair on your head
  • Strength
  • Words to express how you feel
  • Jumping in puddles

Just a few things that I enjoy. I hope that you can see the simple joys in life, and never forget the value of these little things that bring smiles to your face.

Teenage Girls.
Being a teenage girl is harder than you think and I can prove it.
First of all: Boys.
Boys basically cause all of our problems. Don't take it personally if you are a boy, but you don't understand us, and you never will. I don't think that boys realize how much we talk about them, cry over them, and beg for their attention. We may seem a little bit clingy at times, but it is just because we enjoy the attention and we want to be wanted. We feel like we are important, and we feel needed.
Second of all: Period
This one is self explanitory. If you don't understand, go take a health class.
I am sure that more reasons will be shortly coming through personal experiences, but for now, this will have to do.