long posts.

Dear avid reader.
Yeah. I know that i don't post long and intellectual posts, but whats the point if i only have 2 followers, one being me. i don't know. I don't think that long posts necessarily make you a better person, so i decide not to write them. don't be too disappointed. so i guess i will tell you about what i did yesterday.
  1. i woke up at 6:30, to josh Groban serenading me from my i-pod.
  2. I stayed in bed until like 6:50 because josh Groban is more important than eating.
  3. I went to school.
  4. I took a math test.
  5. I talked to David Gow about drama.
  6. I showed Riley and Shelby my duck, omen. He died. And then Riley hung him with a guitar string.
  7. I got a spiritual high!
  8. I watched Shelby struggle with her art project.
  9. I turned in an English packet to a highly stressed and uptight English teacher that i like to call Suthy.
  10. I caught a ride home with Christina and ate super spicy munchies.
  11. i made boiled eggs
  12. i read the Great Gatsby
  13. i went over to Shelbys and watched singing in the rain, but only the song parts. and the weirdly scandalous dancer part with the suddenly long hair.
  14. i came home, dropped off my brothers at the elementary school for a party, and then went back home again.
  15. I made hot chocolate
  16. I went to the soccer game.
  17. I drank hot chocolate with Shelby.
  18. We cheered Riley on. most of the time.
  19. i went to days with Shelby
  20. i bought candy, and she didn't.
  21. She came back to my house after begging her parents to have a sleepover which they grudgingly agreed to.
  22. We made burrito pizzas.
  23. We made cookies, and ate a lot of cookie dough.
  24. we left at 11:20 to chalk some peoples houses.
  25. We chalked some peoples houses. Stalkishly.
  26. we came back, and started to watch funny girl with Barbara Streisand. Yeah i know that isn't how you spell her name.
  27. we stayed up until 2:00 am. talking about who knows what and laughing at things that probably were not that funny.
  28. The end.

so yeah. that was probably the funnest day that i have had in forever.

Oh! would you look at that! my post did turn out pretty long. hmm. Interesting. Oh well. I need to pick up Tucker. Bye


A Confessing Teenage Girl

wow. Update!

Well, it has been like forever, but whatever. Time for an update. This is a list of things that has happened to me over the past few weeks.
  • end of 3rd term. YAY!
  • asking T to MORP YAY!
  • going on my first real date with an older man. YAY!
  • two gentelmen of verona...yeah.
  • Jazz night! Doubley yay!
  • Chalk-attack! (with Fered and Airy)

so um, yeah. Short list, but hey. whatevs. First real date. With an older man. I know you are all wondering who it could possibly be. lets just say that he is named cakes. Anyway, so i went on a date with cakes and we were going to see tangled, but then it was sold out. So we went and watched megamind. Best movie EVER! so funny. So cakes, if you are reading this, just know that it seriously was the best date ever, and you have raised the bar for anyone that i date, if i date anyone, which is highly unlikely because boys have cooties and stuff... But still. Well, i have nothing else to say. so...Bye!